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#13522756 Nov 11, 2017 at 07:54 PM
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The Rng Screwed Me is looking for New active lv70+ members to become part of our friendly community. We are a active rank 15 Guild with Great ppl and boons looking to grow. For more info/inv pm me.

Now while recruiting try to actually talk to everyone a little bit either in text chat or preferably in party chat and go over the weekly requirements and why we have them.

The weekly requirements are 1200 influence, 10 conquer shards of power, and 30 heroic,adventure,and dungeoneer shards of power.

The reason for this is to keep track of active/ non active members and it fair to everyone in the guild that way everyone knows everyone is donating and no 1 is getting a free ride while the work there butt off.

I will post the Alliance rules later.
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